We bake for change

Giúp thanh niên khó khăn đổi đời với nghề bánh

Since 1999, La Boulangerie Francaise has been serving authentic, hand-crafted and responsible French baked goodies to bread lovers while helping hundreds of vulnerable youth have a sustainable career through our high-quality training program.

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students from ethnic minorities
học viên đến từ các dân tộc thiểu số
young woman

học viên nữ

students from remote areas

học viên đến từ vùng sâu vùng xa


học viên đã tốt nghiệp và làm việc tại các khách sạn, resort, shop nổi tiếng


Life-changing story of Kim Tuyen

Every year, 20 vulnerable youth from all regions of Vietnam join the 18 boarding training program of La Boulangerie Française to become professional bakers and agencies of their own lives. 

Like Kim Tuyen, they are offered with accommodation, food and healthcare as well as technical baking lessons, English and Life Skills in our campus in Thu Duc City.

A social enterprise to support vulnerable youth in job integration

Good breads and pastries are loved everywhere, from French 5-star restaurants to Vietnamese street stalls.

Disadvantage youth need a sustainable career to break poverty cycle and to become agencies of their own lives. 

Bánh mì is our expertise and a promising profession we offer them through a free, high-quality and well-rounded training program. 

La Boulangerie Francaise operates as a social enterprise. We sell best products made by students during their practice sessions to cover their accommodation, food and training expenses.

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Authentically French, hand-crafted and healthy products

Good deeds are loved and shared, so are high-quality products made by professional bakers of tomorrow. 

- Recipes are developed and quality controlled by French experts

- Process respecting French bread-making tradition

- Yeast and dough naturally leavened 

- Carefully hand-crafted by students

- No substance-added

We bake for change. You eat for change. 

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A responsible approach

Besides being socially responsible, La Boulangerie Francaise takes sustainability in to account in our daily operation.

We prioritize using quality local ingredients whenever possible. 

We keep improving our Eco-friendly production and delivery process to minimize single-use plastic and carbon footprint.

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The project will not sustain without the support from our customers and joining hands from our partners.